0.0.5 released

Mo 23 Sep 2002 16:12:13 GMT

Linux is supported now! Bugs: incorrect backtrace at function stop; .rtld_start triggering in FreeBSD version, signals are not delivered to debuggees.

0.0.4 released

Fri 13 Sep 2002 15:12:16 GMT

Dynamic linker functions are now processes, so it is possible to trace how functions from shared libraries are resolved by rtld - PLT hooks. Return values from functions are not shown yet. To be added in next release. Working on Linux port as well.

Bugs fixed

Thu May 16 18:56:18 IST 2002

`-fall' bug is fixed. Now adding dynamic linker from PT_INTERP section, /usr/libexec/, to the list of dependancies (ldd doesn't show it, anyway) to have an ability to trace the functions called by dynamic linker. The sources are in xtrace-0.0.3_1, available for download. Work on linux port is in progress, and on Solaris is postponed (it'll be easy to implement, due to good wathpoint support in Solaris's procfs implementation).

0.0.3 released

Wed May 15 14:26:02 GMT 2002

BSD version is about to have full functionality. Function stack dump, fuction trace and system calls trace work. A problems found when `-fall' argument is specified, tracer dies accidentally. Bug fixing and work on Linux port are in progress.

0.0.2 released

Sun Apr 21 10:44:59 IST 2002

BSD port started - syscall dump enabled. Autoconf support. Solaris and linux versions are broken.

Function trace support enabled

Thu Feb 21 17:00:40 GMT 2002

Working on platform-independent API for backtrace, since solaris's version is understandable. Work on Linux port started.

0.0.1 released

Thu Feb 21 08:18:40 GMT 2002

The very first release. Supported platform - Solaris 2.6 and (probably) higher. Function trace, stack dump are blocked yet.

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